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Saddam Hussein
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Quotes and Sayings

What have people said abuot Saddam?


"There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein is not a nice man. His regime is not one worthy of any praise," he said the other day. "But war is never a good answer. It brings pain and suffering and loss of life."
-Justin Katz
"This is what scares me. We're in danger of making the state the national religion, which is exactly what Saddam Hussein was trying to do."
-Justin Katz
"If our sole goal was to get rid of Saddam and we didn't care about weapons of mass destruction and we didn't care about the views of the Security Council, the President could have done that any time in the past year. But the issue that he brought to the Security Council last September was the issue of weapons of mass destruction and how to get rid of them, and he challenged the Security Council to make Saddam Hussein live up to the commitments and the obligations he had as a result of all the previous resolutions."
-Secretary Powell

DeNiro Reportedly in Talks with Tarantino
Posted 1/1/00

Mr. Showbiz reports Robert is talking with Quentin about an appearance in Quentin's planned Ernest Hemingway biopic. Wonder what he'll look like with Papa's beard!

Contributed by Erica


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